Axis Q6155-E

1080p HD High Speed PTZ Camera with Laser Focus

From The Manufacturer

Perfect, instantaneous focus is a challenge for PTZ cameras – especially in low light. AXIS Q6155-E PTZ  Network Camera uses advanced laser technology to always give flawless focus – even in the dark. This camera is ideal for city surveillance, critical infrastructure and other applications where instant focus on moving objects and fast-changing scenes is needed.

Axis Q6155-E Technical Specifications

Model/Part #: Q6075-E
Resolution: Select One
Type: PTZ
Built-In IR: Yes
Environment: Outdoor - Housing Recommended
Optical Zoom: 30
Digital Zoom: 12
Axis Q6155-E PTZ Camera

$2999 MSRP

Eligible For Custom Pricing When Added To An X Stream Designs Custom Enclosure Build 

The Axis Q6155-E Is Compatible With

Self-Cleaning, Self-Wiping

Wipes Away Water Droplets

Warm in extreme cold

Cool in extreme heat

Temperate Climate Protection