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Bosch Autodome IP 4000i

2MP Network Camera With 12x Optical Zoom

About The Bosch Autodome IP 4000i

Experience the customized enclosure solution that fits perfectly with the power of the Bosch Autodome indoor IP cameras. The X|Clear outdoor camera housing is designed to protect the Bosch Autodome from harsh outdoor conditions with ease. Imagine the possibilities this indoor PTZ camera holds when able to stream outdoors without the worry of exposure to the elements. The X|Heat and X|Cold camera housings provide premium protection against extreme temperatures; built-in temperature control regulates the internal camera housing temperature via cooling and heating airflow technology. Tested and built specifically for Bosch Autodome cameras, the X Stream Designs camera enclosure line converts this powerful indoor dome PTZ camera into an outdoor surveillance system with full control and upgradable options.

From The Manufacturer

The AUTODOME IP 4000i is a compact, indoor PTZ dome camera with a high-resolution 1080p60 HD sensor and a 12x optical zoom that allows operators to monitor wide scenes without losing any details. The camera’s aesthetic design and flexible mounting options allow unobtrusive surveillance of large halls, reception areas, or waiting areas that would otherwise require multiple cameras for effective surveillance.

Bosch Autodome IP 4000i Technical Specifications

Model/Part #: NDP-4502-Z12C
Resolution: 2MP
Type: PTZ
Built-In IR: No
Environment: Indoor - Housing Required
Optical Zoom: 12
Digital Zoom: 16
Bosch NDP 4502-Z12C PTZ Camera

$875 MSRP

Eligible For Custom Pricing When Added To An X Stream Designs Custom Enclosure Build 

The Bosch Autodome IP 4000i Is Compatible With

Self-Cleaning, Self-Wiping

Wipes Away Water Droplets

Warm in extreme cold

Cool in extreme heat

Temperate Climate Protection