Customize Your Perfect Enclosure system

Tailor-Made To Fit Your Needs

Welcome to our New Custom Enclosure Builder!

1. Choose Your Enclosure

Select your desired enclosure directly or based on the environment it will be deployed in


2. Configure and Customize

Choose your camera(s), networking equipment and optional accessories/upgrades


3. Request Your Quote

View an immediate MSRP quote and submit your request for customized pricing

We have compiled a comprehensive list of optional integration-ready components but realize there are countless options. If you don’t see the desired equipment, let us know in the comments when submitting for a quote. We’ll do our best to determine if the item is compatible and provide pricing.

Select Your Environment

What type of climate will the enclosure be in?

Cold & Snow
Heat & Sun
Wet & Rainy
Salty & Damp

Additional Hardware

Will you be integrating additional hardware (NVR, network switch, etc.)?