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Submit A Support Request

To submit a support request, please fill out all of the information below.


To expedite the process, please let us know with as much detail as possible the issues you are having and what you have done to troubleshoot thus far. “The system doesn’t power up!” or “My enclosure isn’t reachable” are examples of poor issue descriptions.


An example of a detailed description: “My enclosure is not reachable at the default IP Address. I’ve made sure that the enclosure is powering up by observing that the system light is blinking and the ethernet connection from my network is showing a solid link light on the switch port of the system tray.”


Along with a detailed issue description, it is recommended to upload photos if it will help our support team understand the issue at hand.


A response to your support request typically takes less than 24 hours Monday – Friday. If the support request is of an urgent nature, it is recommended to submit the support request then call our offices at 858.768.2992. Thank you.