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Self-Wiping, Self-Cleaning
outdoor camera housing

Engineered for all climates and conditions, our integration-ready outdoor camera housing was intuitively designed to meet the needs of both the surveillance and broadcast markets. Each system is powered by our proprietary web-enabled X|Smart System Tray incorporating an integrated four port 10/100 network switch, 12VDC / 24VDC / PoE power distribution and climate control. 



Start with the appropriate outdoor camera housing model and integrate them yourself, or spec a custom solution to meet your needs and X Stream Designs will build it for you. Learn more about our outdoor camera housing models:

Self-Cleaning, Self-Wiping

Wipes Away Water Droplets

Warm in extreme cold

Cool in extreme heat

Temperate Climate Protection

Unsure which enclosure is best for you?
View our side-by-side enclosure comparison:

Simply The world's most innovative
PTZ camera enclosure system

Customize your perfect system


Each outdoor camera enclosure model is outdoor-ready, dust-free, watertight and equipped with the remotely controllable X|Smart multi-function power distribution and climate control system.


The X|Series camera enclosures are designed to house most all PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) and fixed dome cameras on the market today, as well as ancillary devices that facilitate on-site recording (NVRs), cellular routers, network switches, encoders and media converters.


Choose the enclosure model that best fits the environment in which the unit will be installed and spec the desired equipment and optional accessories and upgrades that you would like professionally integrated.

Choose Virtually Any Camera

The X|Series camera housing is compatible with almost all cameras with a PT head under 7” in diameter.


Integrate Various Components, Customize The Enclosure Features And Add On Optional Accessories And Upgrades:

  • Cameras (PTZ, Fixed Dome, Broadcast)
  • Cellular Router
  • Network Switch
  • NVR
  • Encoder
  • Media Converter
  • Additional Heater
  • Cooling
  • Higher Circulation Fans
  • Insullation
  • External Fluid Reservoir

Extended Volume (EV) Available

At No Extra Cost, The -EV Model Enclosures Fit Everything Comfortably With An Additional 520 Cubic Inches of Integration-Ready Space.
x stream designs xclear xrain short emptyx stream designs xclear xrain short full

x|Enclosure Features

X|Smart System Tray

Versatile Power Options, Integrated Networking, Climate Control And Remote Control Via Web Interface

Versatile Camera Integration

Compatible With Any Camera With A Pan/Tilt Head Diameter Under 7.25" With Integrated Power Over PoE+, 12VDC Or 24VDC

Integrated Networking

[4] - 10/100Mbps Switch Ports
[1] - IEEE 802.3at 30-Watt PoE+
[1] - 24VDC Passive PoE

Vertical Hinge

Easy Access To The Enclosure Interior For Tank Refills And Component Integration

Input Power Options

90-240VAC Standard. 10-60VDC Input Power Optional

Stainless Steel Latches

Secures The Enclosure While Resisting Rust And Corrosion - Padlock-Compatible To Protect Your Equipment

Integrated Camera Power

Deliver Power To Your Camera Via PoE+, 12VDC Or 24DC

Integrated Heat

Combats moisture and condensation while keeping components within operating temperatures

Polycarbonate Construction

Non-Thermally Conductive, Durable And Protective, Will Not Rust Or Corrode

Clear Dome Lens

40x Optically Pure Clear Dome Lens

Intelligent Cable Ingress

Reduce The Risk Of Water Intrusion With Cable Entry From Below

Intuitive Integration

Accessory Mounting Rails For Easy Installation Of NVRs, Routers, Encoders And Other Peripherals On our X|SHELF Optional Accessory

X|SMart System Tray & Web Interface

Smart. Powerful. Networked.

The X Stream Designs X|Smart System Tray takes camera housings to a new level. With its integrated four port network switch and flexible input power options, the web-enabled system tray allows for remote control of accessory power ports, PoE ports, climate control, wash and wipe functions and monitoring of power loads, internal temps and external temps with the optional temp probe. Combine the features of the X|Smart System Tray with our camera housings and you’ll agree we’ve developed THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE CAMERA ENCLOSURE SYSTEM.

  • Dual Circulation Fans For Engineered Air Circulation
  • Remotely Controllable Accessory Power Ports:
    • [2] 24 VDC Power Ports
    • [2] 12VDC Power Ports
  • Remotely Controllable PoE Ports:

    • [1] 30-Watt PoE+ Ethernet Port
    • [1] 24VDC Passive PoE Ethernet Port
  • Integrated Networking:
    • 4 Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch
  • Flexible Source Power:
    • 90 – 240VAC Standard
    • 10-60 VDC (Optional Upgrade)

X|SMart Web Interface

Simple. Intuitive. Accessible.

You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your enclosure’s internal climate and accessory power ports. X Stream Designs’ intuitive and remotely accessible X|Smart Web Interface gives you control and insight of your camera housing with the click of a mouse. Don’t be left in the dark; know how your camera system is performing and take control of Wash & Wipe Functions, Internal Climate, Power and PoE Ports.

  • CID Control

    • Monitor Reservoir Fluid Levels
    • Manually Trigger Wash And Wipe Events
    • Schedule Wash And Wipe Events
    • View Previous And Upcoming Events
    • Customize Wash And Wipe Settings
  • Accessory Power Control

    • 30-Watt PoE+ And 24VDC Passive PoE
    • [2] 12VDC And [2] 12VDC Power Ports
    • Set Devices to Power On Startup
    • Manually Power Devices On/Off
  • Climate Control

    • Set Enclosures Internal Temperature
    • Set Heat to Off or Auto
    • Customize Circulation Fan Settings
    • Set Fan Override Temperature
  • Monitor Enclosure Status

    • Monitor Internal Temperature
    • Monitor External Temperature (Optional)
    • Monitor Input Voltage
    • Monitor Input Current And Load
    • Monitor Power & Temps Over 24 Hour Period

Simple, Secure Mounting

Effortless. Adaptable. Secure.
Engineered with the installer in mind, our enclosure systems ship with a wall mount bracket and the associated stainless steel hardware to secure the enclosure to it. Mounting to a pole? The wall mount bracket bolts onto the X|PMB optional pole mount bracket with the included stainless steel hardware. Prior to hanging the camera system, level the pole mount bracket compensating for non vertical or tapered poles with the included leveling plate and hardware. Once your mounting bracket is level and secure, simply hang the enclosure and secure with the included hardware.

Non-X|Cold Model Enclosures

  • Durable Polycarbonate Wall Mount Bracket

  • Slide The Enclosure Onto The Bracket and Secure From The Inside With Four 1/4-20 x 3/4” Bolts

  • Industry-Standard 2” x 5.5” OC Hole Pattern

X|Cold Model Enclosures

  • Integrated External Power Supply Chassis Mounts To The Aluminum Wall Mount Plate

  • Slide The Enclosure Onto The Bracket And Secure With Included Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Further Secure the Enclosure With a Padlock
  • Stylish White Powder Coated Aluminum And Stainless Steel Hardware Resists Rust

Built For The Elements

Durable. Manageable. Protective.
x stream designs xclear camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xclear ev camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xcold camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xcold EV camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xheat camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xheat ev camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xmod camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xmod ev camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xrain camera enclosure system in the elements
x stream designs xrain ev camera enclosure system in the elements

Our X|Series camera enclosure systems are built to withstand severe weather and extreme environmental demands. The non-thermally conductive, non-corrosive, air and watertight polycarbonate housing with onboard internal climate control was engineered to protect your sensitive camera and integrated components under all extreme weather conditions:

  • Extreme Heat
  • Frigid Cold
  • Wet/Rainy
  • Salty Ocean Air
  • Grime
  • Bugs
  • Blowing Dust

Our line up of Camera Housings has you covered!

  • Outdoor-ready, dust-free and watertight
  • Equipped to combat severe weather and extreme environmental demands
  • Non-Thermally Conductive Polycarbonate Housing – Helps to Shield Heat from Solar Radiation
  • Nearly indestructible polycarbonate construction – Won’t rust or corrode
  • Comprehensive protection for sensitive cameras and integrated components – NVR, Router, Radios, Encoders, Media Converters…
  • Stainless Steel Latches Secure The Enclosure While Resisting Rust and Corrosion
  • Cable Ingress On The Bottom of the Housing Virtually Eliminates The Risk of Water Intrusion
  • Self-Washing / Self-Wiping Dome Lens for Dirty Environments – X|Clear & X|Rain Models

Superior Air Circulation

Windy. Stable. Soothing.

Air circulation is a key part of protecting the integrated components and keeping them within their operating temperature specifications prolonging their lifespan and increasing reliability – thus reducing downtime. Our X|Series camera housings come standard with redundant circulation fans producing 19.8 cubic feet per minute of optimal air flow circulating conditioned air throughout the entire housing eliminating equipment damaging hot spots.

X Stream Designs XHeat EV Air Circulation Animation
x stream designs xclear ev air circulation
x stream designs xcold outdoor climate controlled ptz camera enclosure air circulation animation
  • Redundant 6,000 RPM 9.9 CFM circulation fans push and pull conditioned air throughout the entire enclosure
  • Keeps sensitive components within their operating temperatures
  • Protects integrated components by eliminating equipment-damaging hot spots
  • Reduces condensation build up on the dome lens
  • Optional 32 CFM circulation fan upgrade (X|High-CFM) available

Versatile Camera Integration

Flexible. Painless. Level.

Integrating your camera shouldn’t be compared with a heart transplant surgery! With a 7” diameter dome lens, versatile camera mounting system, removable lower camera tray and flexible power options, integrating cameras in the X|Series camera housing is a painless process.

  • Compatible with almost all cameras with a pan/tilt head under 7” in diameter
  • Flexible camera height adjustment with the included 10-32 3/8″ hex standoffs
  • Removable lower camera tray makes for easy and accessible camera mounting
  • Remotely controllable camera power options: PoE+, 12VDC or 24VDC

Extra Volume (EV)

Expansive. Spacious. Accommodating.

With an additional 520 cubic inches of integration ready volume, the X|Series “-EV” model enclosure systems expose the accessory mounting rails with even the tallest cameras providing the extra room and flexibility to integrate camera complementing accessories including NVRs, Routers, Network Switches, Encoders, Media Converters, Power Supplies…

  • Extended volume lower camera tray
  • 520 cubic inches additional integration-ready volume
  • Exposes accessory mounting rails allowing for up to two accessory mounting shelves (X|Shelf)

Experience the X|Stream Difference

A history of excellence

At X Stream Designs, Inc., we are about innovative solutions that provide convenient time saving value added features and benefits to our customers and those that install the enclosures. After establishing our custom design and OEM products company in 2012, we immediately went to work designing the world’s first smart outdoor video camera enclosure and self-cleaning camera dome system. These two innovations provide integrators the ability to lower the cost of installation and maintenance and provide the user web-based controls to manage and monitor power to integrated components. Combined with 45 years of design and manufacturing experience and over 27 years of working with CCTV camera systems, the team of engineers, designers and fabricators at X Stream Designs is uniquely positioned to design and build high technology and high quality products for the video surveillance, streaming and broadcast industries.