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Sony SRG-X120

IP 4K Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI|HX

About The Sony SRG-X120

Bring the brilliant 4k resolution and smooth movement of the Sony SRG-X120 outdoors with the protection of X Stream Designs patented line of outdoor camera housings. The Sony SRG-X120 is not engineered to operate in the outdoor elements.   The Sony SRG-X120 indoor PTZ camera mounts to our camera mounting plate using a single ¼-20 x ½” stainless steel bolt (provided) and is then secured into any of the X|Series PTZ housings with the provided HEX standoffs.  Our patented self-cleaning and self-wiping camera enclosures (X|Clear & X|Rain), deliver clear image quality in dirty, salty and rainy environments.  Our X|Mod and X|Heat enclosure systems protect your camera and integrated components in cold and extreme cold environments respectively while the X|Cold model enclosure will protect the Sony SRG-X120 NDI|HX streaming camera in extreme heat climates.  X Stream Designs line of outdoor PTZ camera housings effectively convert any indoor PTZ ip streaming camera into an outdoor ready streaming camera in the harshest of environments.

From The Manufacturer

The versatile SRG-X120 remotely controlled PTZ camera is ideal for a wide range of applications—from classrooms and meeting spaces to medical environments.


The camera’s 1/2.5-type Exmor R CMOS sensor captures up to 4K* resolution images with excellent sensitivity, very low noise, and rich, natural color reproduction. It’s complemented by the integrated high-resolution 12x zoom lens that offers an expansive approx. 70° wide angle coverage to capture every point of view.


High-speed movement during preset recall captures the speaker’s every movement, while Picture Freeze during transitions ensures your audience isn’t disturbed by rapid camera movements. PTZ Motion Sync*** function allows smooth blending of separate pan, tilt and zoom movements for seamless, professional-looking transition.


Efficient IP-based live production is augmented with support for NDI®|HX (via optional license), allowing flexible configuration with other networked NDI®-enabled devices.


Images also can be reviewed remotely via a web browser, with support for RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), RTMP*** (Real Time Messaging Protocol) and SRT*** (Secure Reliable Transport) ensuring smooth, stable streaming of video plus audio (from an optional microphone, available separately) over an IP network.


Installation and set-up is easy, with a new Picture Setting File**** allowing the same settings to be applied to multiple cameras through a web interface from a laptop or PC.

Sony SRG-X120 Technical Specifications

Model/Part #: SRG-X120
Resolution: 4K UltraHD
Type: PTZ
Built-In IR: Yes
Environment: Indoor - Housing Required
Optical Zoom: 12
Digital Zoom: 0
Sony SRG X120 White PTZ Camera

$2099 MSRP

Eligible For Custom Pricing When Added To An X Stream Designs Custom Enclosure Build 

The Sony SRG-X120 Is Compatible With

Self-Cleaning, Self-Wiping

Wipes Away Water Droplets

Warm in extreme cold

Cool in extreme heat

Temperate Climate Protection