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Panasonic WV-S6130

Full HD Indoor PTZ Network Camera

About The Panasonic WV-S6130

Ever wondered about installing the Panasonic WV-S6130 outdoors? After all, what good are high quality dynamic range and color night vision if you can’t install this IP camera outdoors? The possibilities are endless with the X Stream Designs line of outdoor camera housings. The X Stream Designs camera enclosure product line seals and protects the Panasonic WV-S6130 for outdoor installation. These enclosure systems pair seamlessly with virtually any Panasonic network camera. Unlike indoor network camera protective housings, the X Stream Designs product line offers a wide range of versatility for installation outdoors in the harshest climates. This all-in-one Panasonic compatible housing converts any Panasonic indoor network camera into an outdoor surveillance system. The X|Clear or X|Rain outdoor camera enclosures fill the void of other outdoor dome housings, with remotely controlled spraying and washing functions so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning the dome.

From The Manufacturer

Panasonic WV-S6130 captures the highest quality images automatically even in very challenging and fast-changing surveillance environments. Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects. New industry-leading 144dB dynamic range delivers balanced scene exposure in dynamic and extreme-backlit lighting environments. In addition, color night vision provides outstanding low-light performance with accurate color rendition and saturation from i-Pro’s 1/3″ sensor, rivaling the performance of costlier 1/2″ sensor cameras in the market. Adopting H.265 Smart Coding technology, intelligently reduces bandwidth efficiency of up to 95%* over H.264 for longer recording and less storage. Cameras out-of-the-box, use an encryption module standardized by FIPS Publication 140-2 for secure video streaming. *Value in Advanced mode. It depends on the scene.

Panasonic WV-S6130 Technical Specifications

Model/Part #: WV-S6130
Resolution: 2MP
Type: PTZ
Built-In IR: Yes
Environment: Indoor - Housing Required
Optical Zoom: 21
Digital Zoom: 16

$1550.00 MSRP

Eligible For Custom Pricing When Added To An X Stream Designs Custom Enclosure Build 

The Panasonic WV-S6130 Is Compatible With

Self-Cleaning, Self-Wiping

Wipes Away Water Droplets

Warm in extreme cold

Cool in extreme heat

Temperate Climate Protection